5. The Case of the Waltzing Mouse

A high-resolution version of the artwork on the covers of the 'Mini-Golden' editions (by Beniamino Bodini) can be viewed here.

French cover.

Italian cover.

German cover.

Norwegian cover.

Finnish cover.

Swedish cover

Country: Year: Artist: Foreign & Translated Titles:
Italy 1967 Beniamino Bodini Il Topo Danzante
 (The Dancing Rat)
France 1966 Beniamino Bodini Sur la piste de Xénophon
 (On the Track of Xénophon)
Germany 1967 Beniamino Bodini Der Fall Xenophon
 (The Xenophon Case)
Sweden 1974 Ola Ericson Professorn och skatten i sjön
 (The Professor and the Treasure in the Lake)
Norway 1972 Robert Viby Brains Benton og den tapte formuen
 (Brains Benton and the Lost Fortune)
Denmark 1974 Robert Viby Sagen vedrørende den tabte formue
 (The Question Concerning the Lost Fortune)
Finland 1976 Al Schmidt Tanssivan hiiren arvoitus
 (Dancing Mouse Problem)

Covers not shown: Norwegian.

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