2. The Case of the Counterfeit Coin

A high-resolution version of the artwork on the covers of the 'Mini-Golden' editions (by Jacques Pecnard) can be viewed here.

French cover.

Italian cover.

German cover.

Finnish cover.

German second edition cover.

Swedish cover

Norwegian cover.

Danish cover.

Country: Year: Artist: Foreign & Translated Titles:
Italy 1966 Jacques Pecnard La moneta falsa
 (The False Coin)
France 1965 Jacques Pecnard Un Étrange Antiquaire
 (A Strange Antique Dealer)
Germany (1) 1967 Jacques Pecnard Die Gefährliche Münze
 (The Dangerous Coin)
Germany (2) 1975 Werner Heymann Die geheimnisvolle Warnung
 (The Mysterious Warning)
Sweden 1971 Ola Ericson Professorn och falskmyntarna
 (The Professor and the False Coin)
Norway 1970 Robert Viby Brains Benton og den falske drakmen
 (Brains Benton and the False Drachma)
Denmark 1974 Robert Viby Brains Benton og den falske mønt
 (Brains Benton and the False Coin)
Finland 1973 Hamilton Greene Väärän rahan arvoitus
 (Counterfeit Money Problem)

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